World Cup Info

World Cup Info

Jul 9, 2010, 7:46 AM |

I'm sure you all know that the World Cup final is on Sunday (3rd place match Saturday). Here are a few things I want to point out about both games.

Holland has not lost a game this whole World Cup.

ESPN says the percentage for Germany beating Uruguay is 61% vs. Uruguay's 39%

ESPN says the percentage of Spain beating Holland is 54% vs. Holland's 46%

52% of the ESPN voters think Spain will beat Holland. 

82% of ESPN voters think that Germany will beat Uruguay.

Spain had a lost to Switzerland.

Spain has won 3 knockout games in a row.

Spain is most likely the best keep-away team in the world.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, in the six finals in which teams have played on different levels of rest, the team with fewer days off -- in this case Spain -- has won five times. Only Italy's shootout win against France in 2006 broke the not-so-tired streak. 

Holland's Wesley Sneijder has tied for the tournament lead with five goals in six games 

Paul The Octopus choose Spain over Holland.