A Game where my Students Beat Me!

Nov 11, 2014, 7:25 PM |

Hi everyone,


So about a week ago, I was teaching one of my chess classes at a school in Seattle. The previous week I had given my students workbooks to take home. In my group of 6, only 2 brought their workbooks to class the next week (7 days ago) and had completed the assigned problems.

As part of their reward, I let the two students team up and play a game against me! Sadly, because I had to watch the other kids in the room, I was distracted. Not only that, but I completely underestimated them! Here's the game that took place:

Bravo you two, and great use of teamwork! You taught your coach a lesson that day!
So for my next lesson, Saku and Colin will be showing the rest of the class how they beat me, hehehehe. I guess next time I play my students, I'll be sure to pay attention.