Game of the Week: Attacking the King in a R + B Endgame

Apr 27, 2014, 7:36 PM |
This is my first official blog post, so I'll try to keep it simple.
When you think about attacking the enemy king, positions come to mind from the middlegame, with queens and several other pieces on the board. However, what stood out about about this particular game, was that I could successfully mount an attack on the white monarch, with minimal material in a seemingly calm endgame!
I once went to a tournament at the Tacoma Chess Club, and one Sunday afternoon, I was playing my round 2 game. Eventually my opponent and I reached an endgame, which is where the game got interesting. The time control was G/90 + 30, or 90 minutes to start, but adding 30 seconds to your time each move (an increment). At this point, my opponent had about 53 minutes remaining, while I only had 6! The TD, at this point, took an interest to the game, and watched as we played...
Because the TD was quite intriqued with it, this game ended up winning Game of the Week for that tournament. Thanks for reading everyone, and more blog posts to come!