PREVIEW: Why do we obsess over improving at chess, when all other aspects of chess are neglected?

Mar 9, 2015, 1:48 PM |

If people spent half the time they spend studying to improve their chess, on actually promoting and sharing the game with non chess-players, then chess would be more popular than Football in America by now.

Which is better? Being rated 2000 and having one chess club that you have to travel 50 miles to play in, where there are no spectators and nobody knows about you or your chess accomplishments...

OR, being rated 1500, having half a dozen chess clubs within 50 miles of you, having spectators come to watch the games, and pay for it, and to actually be making a little money on your chess accomplishments?

Chess players have an obligation to promote the game for others, yet they obsess over getting their ratings up. Nobody even bothers to start a chess club on their own or turn chess into a full time business, where the quality of customer service for chess players grows exponentially.