Will be Posting Blogs much more Often! But I need your help...

Nov 11, 2014, 6:40 PM |

Hello Chess Enthusiasts and Chess.com viewers,



As you may or may not know, I am an avid tournament player and chess coach, with a USCF rating of 1920 at my peak in June 2014, which I achieved in 6 years without any formal coaching. I discovered the world of competitive chess in 2008 as a high-school Junior, and have been captivated and enthralled by the game ever since!


I have always wanted to share the game with others who do not play, volunteer to help my school and other chess clubs succeed in chess, and compete in tournaments, even when I was only rated 800 in the Northwest Scholastic Rating System (NWSRS).


As of right now, I have decided to take the initiative (no pun intended ;D) and start making regular blog posts here on chess.com and, that's right, YouTube videos! ^_^


But to all my potential viewers, I must humbly ask for your help. I would like to know what you guys would be interested in reading/watching, for without you there would BE no chess bloggers and vloggers out there!


Please leave a comment below with your suggestions, and I will try my best to take each and every one of your ideas into consideration. I will also do my best to respond to all of your questions or concerns.


Please subscribe to my blog posts. Also, here's a link to my YouTube Chess Channel so you can subscribe to that as well!



Thank you all so much!