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9(dork pelerined Knight)

The 9 are riding their 9(horses)
Like the speed of Mist 
While they are riding
Their Dork Crosses
impending from their necks
are swinging like The Tree lost to The Wind

And at last
They stopped
Like the Snowflakes
in front of a Cross
which is remaining in the face of the Luna 

The 9 (Dork Knight) with their 9 (Dork Horses)
In the face of the Sole
Watching, the set of the day
Waiting for Dorkness's arrival

Luna appears on the Aria
It is The last hours of Sole's redyellowness
Sole moves away like a Ornitho on the Aria
from The Eyes of Dork Knights
And it is The first minutes of Luna's bluishness

Weather is very cold
That can penetrate
into The Dork Kight's veins
And that can turn to their Red bloods
To Red ices

But The Dork Knights are very Forceful!
so that Coldness can not affect them

Lo! The Dorkness
And Luna deflagrates
like The Flame Of A Fire
in Dorkness

And The 8 Dork Knights looks at their Leader(thedorkknight)
who The 9th Dork Knight
He takes out his Dork Sword from its Dork Sheath
He cries: "IN THE NAME OF GOD"
And he holds up his Sword to the luminescent  Luna

The Sword sparkles like A Stella in the Dorkness
This is a Sign for Correspondence
with the other Dork's in their areas

And there far out
on A Montanus
The 9 Swords gleams like The Signs Of A Zodiac
which are belong to other Dorks

And Our Dorks who are standing in front of the Cross
And that Cross which is in front of the Luna

One of them tooks his Dork trumpet
And insufflates in a pathetic way
Like the Archangle Raphael
And he takes out his Sword

And the others took out their Swords
And they all hold up the Swords to the luminescent Luna

Their 9 swords
And the other 9 swords

The Lights of the Swords
inosculated on the Aria 

Lo! The lights became 1 Light!
It deflagrated like the Light Of Luna
A Dorky-Blue Light!

And per saltum with the Light!
6 invisible Knight
came in sight
But they were not
from the Dork Knight

Dorks looked at the Knights.
And surprised with confusion.

(Now the Luna is in the Shadow of The Clouds )

Their Costumes Colors were Yellow
Their Costumes were beaming like the Sole in the Dorkness
As if the costumes were made of phosphorus!

One Of the Yellow Shouts: YOU ALL FINISHED!
Area is very illuminated.

(The Area's illumination is not coming from the Luna
it is coming from the Yellowness Of the 6
it is coming from the Dorky-Bluishness Of the 18 )

The yellows start to ride against them.

Thedorkknight cries: "They are attacking. Let us show them what we are!"
And the other dorks- "Yeeaaaaaa!"

And then the Music Starts
the Trumpet's of the Dork Knights
the Coded words which are coming from the Mouth of The Dork Knights
As if These sounds were coming from A Sacrament

Whisper sounds

("Dorkus Knihtus camus"
"witus theus"
"Lihtus ofus theirus"

Like an Ophido's sounds

("Timus Hasus Camus"
"forus tous"
"Kilus yous")

The All Dorks
The All Yellows
rides their Horses
to each others

(Trumpet sounds in a warriory way)

And starts The Sword And The Pain Sounds

And the blood on the Grund
which is coming from the Injured Knights

(And the Whispers of the Sacrament
"Weus wilus Kilus Yous"
"Beus Surus"
"Atus Theus Endus")

A bloody Battle
thedorkknight thinks it is:
A Doddle Battle

But not it is!
Easy not!

"DIE! DIE!" thedorkknight(9th) shouts while
using his sword
in a heroic way

One of the Yellow Knight dies.
Because of the sword
Of the 9th
Yellow 1th
falls down from his horse
on to the grund!
The last breath
The last minute for him.
And, a dead body!

While 9th watching him to die
5th Yellow tooks his Axe
and comes close from the behind of 9th Dork
Like the Speed of a Serpent
And that Humbug
hits with his Axe onto the head of 9th

"AH!" cries 9th(thedorkknight).
Falls Down to the Dork Grund!
Falls Down to the Cold Grund!
Falls Down like a Brave Knight!

"NO" cries the first group of 9.
"WAIT NOT! KILL THAT SERPENT!" cries the second group of 9.

3th Dork hits with his mace to the Serpent
3 times 3 to his head.

And the Day Of Death for SERPENT!

3th and 1th
2 dead bodies.

And  the surviving yellows: 2th, 4th, 5th, 6th.
Time has come for them.
Dork Knights, with their whispers
handed their hands at Yellows
And "4" scream
And "4" dead body
on the Grund!

No Yellowness............

The 17 (Dorks) ran, beside the 9th
but His Time has come

He whispers: "My dears, I'll die. I know this."
"But ye....Ye will fight for to Rescue t...the.. Earth."
He is dying
with honor

"Ye, Be Fight for Freedomness!"

And he saw the Archangle Of Death!
(The Violins, The Trumpets sounds for him)

The archangel comes close and takes his soul!
He closes his eyes to the Life!

And after, 17 Cries, 17 Tears.
And 1 more tear, from the writer.

Written by Silvanovich.