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Chess in Life

Chess in Life

Sep 24, 2009, 3:19 PM 1

Chess, a game made to reflect a war scenario, also represents much more than the battlefield. Chess is a game that also reflects everyday life. You can apply chess to many situations in life. For example, consider the situation of being in an argument with someone. Various things you say, various attacks you make, are all represented by the moves you make in chess. An errant chess move can be associated with an ignorant comment in an argument. A checkmate can be associated with one person making an indomitable point.


Based on the above argument, one can argue that chess is a game that is very conducive to living a more productive life. Chess teaches us how to make decisions and allows us to think situations through before commiting to an action. Actions, just like a move made in chess, are ingrained in time and cannot be reversed. Chess helps us make sure that we do not regret these actions.


Strategy is the key to life, chess is based on strategy, thereby, chess is the key to life(a little exaggerated, just a good adage to live by for all chess enthusiasts)


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