Game #1.   Castle Early!

Game #1. Castle Early!

Dec 26, 2016, 6:57 PM |

This blog shall post, in fact the account of not only a game

but of a process- and this process shall include

  •  A played game and audio notes made when I played the game
  • A review of that game and a second guessing of major moves of that game
  • Analysis of the game with deep analysis showing major errors of the game; concentrating mostly on my own errors
  • an account of any of achievement I see in that game.  (see  for a description of my personal account of achievements)
  • analysis of major decisive positions; with a focus on improvements


 Second pass through the game.  it is clear that looked at a second time...

  • Play Qa4 early  (if you decline to play an immediate Nc3)  and now there is no pin
  • Qh5 was a major opportunity to O-O.  and if black finds a while to hold the position  better, still  its difficult to develop the knight
  • Be4 was a speculative idea. perhaps white keeps it together with Rb1 but white needed to see that that variation before it played Be4
  • Blacks decision to set up the skewer in the face of checkmate was blind. and lost the game.


the engine saw several; many of them complex tactical sequences I didn't see  ( a few of them perhaps I should have) 

*12 Bd3? the computers sees a really interesting idea- with an immediate attack on Qxc7.  yes black replies with a quick Rc8, but its not easy at all to see how black could have won the pawn, and most of white's positional pressure remains.    Loses a pawn because white should have forced the Q to exchange 

*15 Qb7?  Another lost opportunity- moving the b pawn instead of Queen gives black no easy way to defend against the additional promotion pawn- the computer thinks white must win a piece with this move 

*17 Rc1?  here's another tricky idea that works.  Ne5 and when black takes on c3 a simple move of whites king makes black unaligned for further attacks 

*18 Rc2?  another case of unflexible thinking.  if White immediately sacs the Queen (Qxf7) the move Ne5 will fork the king.  even with best defense; black must lose a pawn.

and why should white do this?  because black can trap the king; if it makes a more senseable move with his knight.

 but blacks doesn't see his opportunities either- and to skewer the king while one move from mate doesn't work....