Game #2.  One Little Pawn!

Game #2. One Little Pawn!

Dec 26, 2016, 10:49 PM |

I didn't get a chance to record my thoughts during the game- SO

my process will be a little shorter, but still include

  • A second lookover the game
  • An analysis by the "deep" engine to see what mistakes were made
  • Extended analysis of decisive positions
What's most striking about this game is how until the last move it really was pretty even.   but white definitely misses some strategic play, though.  mostly about pawns.  in fact you could say this whole games is all about pawns!
And the ENGINE CONFIRMS it!  in fact 13 Rxb7 was the only major tactical mistake.  My opponent however main mistake was to move the bishop;  the computer sees equality with a3 even if white takes the knight.