Game #9.   Anna's Many Pawns...

Game #9. Anna's Many Pawns...

Jan 8, 2017, 5:48 PM |


but gaining a piece is NOT worth losing a lot of pawns

wow That was pretty bad (frankly)....  my 2nd look glance says the following:
  • 8. f6 not f5 as the f5 just allows the pawns structure to solidify with a poor placement of the black pieces.  the Knight is particularly poorly placed.  I'm pretty sure after all possible scenarios of f6; its better than f7
  • 14. the exchange Nxe5 doesn't resolve any attack- instead ift just makes it much worse; bringing the queen into the fray
  • the queen attack though I think was a little unsound (though certainly the best choice a piece down). Rxe5 was much better
  • 15. Also I give away pawns on 19,21,23,28, 35... or in short almost all of them (a rook's worth) in 16moves