Interesting Openings #3 - Vienna Game

Dec 22, 2012, 3:38 AM |

The Vienna Game is a normal but surprising reaction of the white after the first move 1.e4 e5. A game called a Vienna Game after white played the move 2. Nc3. Usually a Vienna Game starts like this:

Till this moment i didn't really get the whole point of this move, but i would like to explain it as much as i can.

I decided to go from the end to the beginning to understand why white wants to play Nc3 in the second move. By the end i mean the position that the vienna game leads into. After a short search i saw that if both sides play their best or most popular they get to this position:

In this position white can play either Ne2, Nf3 or Bg5. As you can see, this is a very flexible and not a bad position at all for white. Maybe black has  a little advantege because he can castle and he developed pieces to attack the white side, but from here white can either attack or defense and if white is a good player the position can become equal or even better for the white side.

I hope you enjoyed this opening and as usuall, i hope you will use it sometimes, and untill the next opening, have fun :)