Sicilian Dragon

Sep 8, 2010, 10:01 PM |

I don't know if anyone is reading this but this is where I'm going to keep my thoughts and ideas on the Sicilian Dragon opening-game. Currently it's the only opening I really enjoy and probably would stick to it (even though some players say it's dubious- well if Magnus Carlsen plays it, then I can). I'm also going to work on playing the accelerated and hyperaccelerated.


Early Bh6

White wants to trade off black's dragon bishop with his dark-squared bishop. This usually occurs with Bh6. The general punishment for doing this so early results in white being a healthy pawn down:


I faced the above position in one of my 5-minutes blitz games but instead of 10...Nxd4, I tried the dubious 10...Nxe4!? This was a blitz game so it was an interesting risk. Such a move, really isn't worth much analysis and study as any strong player would not play 10. Bh6?. But I thought it was quite interesting as 10...Nxe4 did lead to some interesting positions:

I just wanted to point this out, because it could be an interesting game to play (the three variations) with a friend or so, as it moves out of mainline play and doesn't really get an edge to either players.

VS 0-0 Games

My biggest issue is playing against 0-0 in the Sicilian Dragon. I really enjoy the 0-0-0 Kingside-Queenside battle between Black and White. But I can't control what White does, so here are my games and thought against playing 0-0.

Game 1 (15 minutes 10 seconds increments)


Most recent dragon Sicilian Game: (10 minutes)



The first game I played on a different site against a higher rated player. I was able to get an opening-middle game advantage due to a blunder and I think I played it out okay until I made a huge blunder at the very end, losing the game. I am actually not sure if the move order is correct as this is from memory:


Game 2: This was a 5 minutes blitz game (which I actually played before this game). I guess it's probably not best to learn an opening in blitz games but anyways here it is. I actually got a huge opening advantage but sort of lost it with an unsound sacrifice (which wasn't good but didn't lose me the game), I played it out wrongly but my opponent missed out on some tricks that could have won him the game.
Anyways does anyone have any suggestions on how to play out the opening? I think my first few moves were along the mainlines and I didn't do anything too bad. But how did I play from there? Does anyone have any suggestions on what my focus should be on attacking and also defending? It's weird because I used to always play against the Sicilian (and many times, Sicilian dragon) against my opponents but as White. So now I'm like playing against my oldself.
Game against Sicilian Dragon as White.