McHenry Area Chess Quad Round 1

Mar 20, 2011, 9:51 PM |

Yesterday marked my return to competitive chess as I competed in the McHenry Area Chess Quad Tournament.  My performance was not as good as I had hoped, as I finished with one win and two draws, but that proved to be enough to put me in a three way tie for first place.  Quite a melodramatic way to return to tournament play, but I can't complain about getting the $20 back that I put in to compete in the first place.  

My first round game, which I managed to win, lasted all of ten minutes.  It ended abruptly when my opponent missed my mate threat two moves after winning a rook which I carelessly opened up.  Out of all my wins in tournament play, I felt that this was the one which I least deserved, but hey, a win's a win and I'm sure my opponent won't be overlooking a threat to f2/f7 any time soon:


I will add rounds 2 and 3 soon, as soon as they are analyzed Smile