Really Strange Blitz Game

Jun 3, 2011, 6:52 PM |

Wow, I just played a series of 5 blitz games against the same opponent, who was, when we started, 2 rating points better than I was.  Our time control was 4/4 for all games, and after winning the first 4, I was reluctant to take my opponent's quick challenge for a fifth game.  I accepted, not really wanting to play another game at the moment, and on move 9 I blundered a knight for nothing.  Just my luck, I should have quit when I was ahead.  

It should be noted that I sometimes have a tendency to resign as soon as I lose a piece with no compensation (cowardly, I know, but meh), but this time I decided to fight on and attack like my life depended on it.  Here is how the game went:


And somehow I prevail.  No more blitz tonight Undecided