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Mar 20, 2011, 8:12 PM 0

I recently relocated myself (and my cat, Morpheus) to Waukegan (a semi-suburb of Chicago about an hour north of the city, traffic willing), and the move has proved to be a good decision as far as my chess future goes.  Tournaments in the area are abundant, multiple chess clubs are within a reasonable driving radius, and my love for face-to-face chess with a live human opponent has been revitalized.  Yesterday (3/19/11) marked my return to tournament play, as I competed in a quad hosted by the McHenry Area Chess Club (see next blog post for details).

Prior to Saturday (3/19/2011), my USCF regular chess rating stood provisionally at 1480 based on 17 matches over 3 tournaments, the most recent of which was in April, 2004 at the National High School championships in Dallas (in which I finished 3-1-3 in the u1500 section).  My quick and correspondence ratings remain blank, but that should change tomorrow as I will be participating in a G/15 quad in Kenosha.  

It feels great to be playing chess away from the computer again, and I can't wait for my next tournament (tomorrow Tongue out).

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