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Dead trees: Reading up on Chess

Dead trees: Reading up on Chess

Dec 6, 2013, 6:44 AM 0

Since it's been about two decades since I played the game last, I figured I need a bit of help to kickstart my play. Judging from my performance here on Chess.com I really need a lot of help to kickstart my play.

One way is simply (well, I say "simply" but mean everything but "simply") to play. I do that. Almost exclusively Online matches so far, but I need to get into playing Live games as well. Lately I haven't had time for that, though. Online games I can keep up with at work, but maybe I'll be able to squeeze in a Live game or two on my lunch breaks on the days where I have the luxury to take one.

Another way is by reading Chess-books. Looked through my online retailer and bought "Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess" by Fischer, Marguiles and Mosenpelder.

It seems watching the World Championship matches between Anand and Carlsen didn't automagically make me a grand master, I have to do this "practice" as well!

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