get a life....

Oct 14, 2007, 5:50 AM |

u know what? im not good at chess! and to be honest, i really dont care! i only just got taught how to play in september 2007 FFS! i only joined this site as something fun to do when im sat online bored, and until lately id enjoyed just that, ive spoken to some lovely people and not cared if i lost or not.

then yesterday some idiot requested a game. i accepted (as i accept any game offered) and he was like, hmm, easy pickings. after talking to him he admitted he only played me cos he could see id lost alot of games and simply wanted to build up his points. what is the fucking point to that?!?! surely you want a challenge?! and why the hell are people so concerned about how high their points are?! i mean, sure, if i won id be pleased, but i HAVE A LIFE! if i lose, so fucking what?! in future, if people only want to play a game with me to speak to me like a bastard and just build up points, rather than be friendly and talk to me and just enjoy a game just dont bother asking me!