what ruins this site is...

Jun 19, 2008, 4:18 AM |

that some people on here say really inappropriate things. im on this site to play a few games of chess and chat to the people i play against, the majority of which are really friendly. i had a male on here recently saying very inappropriate things to me during a game... i disabled chat. have logged onto my account today and found the same guy has posted this comment on my picture album...

"  played with me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sexy and i love u i won fack u "

what exactly does this have to do with chess??? its masogenist (spelling?) and unwanted, i guess im hoping this person will read this, or others who in the past have said such things to me (believe me, ive encountered a fair few) and maybe thing ok, i shouldnt have said that, ill calm down. fair enough if youve gotten to know me as a friend i can take a joke, but this is just rediculous.

how many other female players have had this problem?? and actually, im curious, do any males have this problem from female members on here? im pretty interested to know just how regular this kind of problem is on this website.