wow, new all time low on this site...

Feb 7, 2011, 5:12 AM |

so, ive had a moan before about people on here being inappropriate, such as being too flirty / sleazy and making crude sexual comments. as much as they annoy me and many other people on this site, at least u can sometimes laugh or shrug them off.

well today i was asked for money by a member on this site. i mean, WTF??! since when did this become a begging website? i dont care if a complete stranger needs to pay their university fees. or any other fees, thats THEIR issue. i have a daughter to raise, a mortgage to pay, and a huge expense in car / petrol costs for my husband to commute to another town for work as there are no local jobs available. but u dont see me trying to beg for money off other people.

i hope said money scammers read this and realise how selfish they are. dont go to university if you cant afford it. dont buy luxuries if you cant afford them. and certainly DONT beg for money off hard working people who actually need it far more than you do.

end of rant.