Domination III
Thank you (again) "Zippy the Wonderslug" for your bunny/domination themed art:

Domination III


My previous posts (Part IPart II ) on this theme are both approaching 1000 views so it is definitely time for another instalment!   Read the previous two blogs if you want to know why I think endgame studies are so good for your chess.

Starting with another puzzle from the Domination book, short but sweet:

This puzzle isn't in the book "Domination"  but is still a domination puzzle and I really like it. Guessing the moves is probably not too hard but try and calculate it to the end first:

Even in 1780 they were creating some real masterpieces! 
This last one is very tough to get all the way to the end :
Kasparyan called that one "A gem of endgame composition."
Hope you enjoyed the beautiful ideas in these puzzles.
Stay tuned!