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David Silva!

David Silva!

Jan 14, 2016, 3:39 PM 1

Everyone knows David Silva in soccer, who plays for Manchester City Football Club and the way he dazzles on the ball.

Herein is Angola's 18 year old International Master David Silva, who dazzled at the just concluded Africa Juniors Chess Championship in Seychelles. The tournament started on the 28th of December, 2015 and ended

He had won the tournament with a brilliant 9/9 in 2014 and was in line to repeating the same feat after defeating the top 3 players in the tournament within the first 6 Rounds. With a starting Rank of Number 5, International Master Adham Fawzy of Egypt and Anwuli Daniel of Nigeria were the favorites with a rating of 2484 and 2182 respectively. It was not to be as Fawzy lost to the young lad in Round 3 of the 9 Round tournament, but eventually finished second in the tournament and 18 year old Anwuli Daniel lost his first Round by default after being unable to make the round. IM David Silva started the tournament in style, defeating two unrated home players and then displacing the tournament favorite IM Fawzy of Egypt, needing just 27 moves in a Sicilian defense opening to get the win

He then went on to defeat CM Bezuidenhout Roland Reinhol of South Africa, before taking out Algeria's IM Nassr Ali and Rakotomaharo Fy Antenaina of Madagascar in beautiful fashion, to complete a six Round riot in the championship and start 2016 with an impressive win over the latter.

Round 7 saw IM David pitted against his countryman FM Aguiar Cristiano, who was able to steal the draw and put a stop to the winning streak, but Cristiano soon lost to IM Fawzy in the next round

IM David on the other hand, went on to defeat his second countryman CM Famorosa Silvio, winning the tournament with a game to spare. He drew his final game of the tournament, but he can be proud to have started the year with an unbeaten streak that may last for a while, if he continues to grow and play with the quality he played the African Juniors Chess Championships.

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