The Tournament Called "First"

The Tournament Called "First"

Aug 12, 2017, 11:34 AM |

For over 15 years, the Budapest Chess Federation in partnership with organizers of the First Saturday have made top level chess playing and training available for players seeking to attain the 2500 ELO rating, and successfully so. Some notable chess players like the World Champion, GM Magnus Carlsen, GM Fabiano Caruana, GM Hikaru Nakamura etc, were beneficiaries of this opportunity at different times, and the experience could only be shared when any under 2500 ELO rating, go there to have a feel of it.

Indeed, there are various tournaments an individual can participate in these days, but

  • Not every tournament gives you 11 rounds of play against grandmasters, international masters and other highly rated titled players at an affordable rate
  • Not every tournament consistently hold every single month without fail
  • Not every tournament provides you with cost effective accommodation close to the venue
  • Not every tournament gives you the opportunity to learn from top grandmasters in sessions after the tournament
  • And certainly, not every tournament provides “Norm” possibilities, every single month, which can guarantee a grandmaster title within a year.

For any player rated less than 2500 ELO, this is the place to be, in other to get those norms, get that training and build that rating.

There are four (4) categories an individual can participate in, which includes:

1. The Grandmaster Norm Category

2. International Master Norm Category

3. The Fide Master Norm Category

4. The Developmental Category

While in Africa, players have to wait for the Zonal Championships and the Individual Championships for titles and norms, and play for cash in most of the other tournaments, the First Saturday tournament is an eleven days tournament for those chasing the titles, ratings and invaluable experience, which will be seen when one leaves Budapest after a three (3) month vacation training and tournament play.

The August edition of the tournament is currently ongoing and sees International Master Nguyen Thai Dai Van leading the GM Norm category alongside Grandmaster Vladimir Dobrov after six (6) interesting rounds, with 4.5/6 apiece, while Grandmaster Boris Kantsler currently leads the IM Norm category, a point ahead of the chasing pack after round six (6) of the August edition.


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