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Dec 30, 2008, 5:14 PM 6

Determination could be maybe the most important thing in life. If you had no determination, you would not want to work hard and not go to college and not be successfull at all. Determination gives you the motivation to try and to never give up. If you had determination for every little thing you could be the most successful person at earth. If you have some big dream of becoming the best basketball player or best chess player you need to go after it. Things like this never come to you, you have to find it. To be the best at something like chess or basketball, you need to practice. If you were to practice at something every day, you are obviously going to get better. If you don't practice hard, you won't move a single step forward, that is where determination comes in. Determination is the ability to hard work and believing in doing your dream. If you are truely determined, you will move out of your way to take a step forward in your dream. Each single step to get to your dream is small and will probably take a lifetime. If you keep on failing, you can't give up. If you gave up you have fallen off your path and will neve get back on. Giving up is the reverse gear on a car. It stops you and you also have to go back over that small step. If you have strong determination that should never ever happen to you. To get to your dream you must stay focused and have the strength to keep going out of your way to practice or study to continue going on this path. Determination will help you and lead you to your dream. You can't let your determination get away from you. You have to follow it. If you have determination you can be the most successful man on earth!

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