Put me in the room

Mar 27, 2013, 10:06 PM |

As a natural tendency and without thinking we observe. By way of sound, taste, vision, touch, and smell.

Other ways we observe include exposure, curiosity and acting on impulses we urge to express and the list of observing techniques continues including other characteristics. Some may call these actions “Testing the boundaries.” Perceived as looking for a reaction or not expecting a reaction as alleys of unwelcome accents .

I attempt to understand all behavior in taking a humanitarian view. Still I carry fundamental properties of an animal with a brain, e.g. I can be oblivious, bias and ignorant. Currently i am concerned with the lack of self expressions, ideas and characteristics of our peculiar selves.

I’m in the business of Psychology, assessing and observing non-judgmentally. My attempt at finding the niche of individuals expressing a sense of self-efficacy can move us forward on a treatment plan. Finding this sense of hope is like finding $100 on the floor, you shouldn’t expect it at all.

Fortunately, the treatment plan for an individual in the psychiatric field begins in waking up for the day and you face the debate of whether we need a substance in the morning to get us ready or not, driving and road rage or not and most importantly your first thought, the gathering of data, plans, actions, results, consequences and future focus. This is where ‘being’ should be ALIVE and dwelling, where ideas flock like birds and rules are bent or understood.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen in your neck of the woods. In your work place, social life or family. You have you as motivation in the dreamy world of “wanting to be…” and all it takes is 1 person to start 1 thing. And like Thomas Alva Edison once said,

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

One thing is becoming evident to me, we are confused with people being people and forget to become and develop from the inside out. Put You In The Room. Please.