The mind identity

Nov 12, 2012, 7:50 AM |

I took an Immunophilosophy course in college. It was one of the most eye opening subjects I had ever encountered. I double majored in Philosophy and Psychology making the discussions we had right in my pool of interests.

This class helped me realize of how often we think of the mind otherwise known as the soul. The mind is notably different than the brain since the brain is a concrete item meaning it is created then decomposed i.e. finite. Whereas the understanding of the mind or the soul is such that it is an abstract object composed of indefinite and timelessness without a beginning or an end i.e. infinite.

In this post I want to juggle the concept of a possible world where our brains were put into a different body. This body neither is like your body in figure, weight nor looks like you now. You could even change the sex.

All of your thoughts and memories and feelings and experiences, etc. from the past are attached to your brain and attached.

The question to answer here is, “Who and what do you identify as now?”

To think of the brain as an egg helps here. There it is, a shell and inside the yolk, liquid and supple. All the nutrients and things you need rely in that environment and will nurture the specimen inside that egg to flourish. Like anything in the world, the environment has a direct affect on the creature and nurture does as well.

Putting what you categorize as your “self” or “identity” at this point will be changed. You would live a new life and the past life may seem like a dream. Your character matches your perception of yourself or persona, yourself reflection is different, your tone of voice would change… The changes are many.

The identity? New. Self? New.

The sequence of importance that I see is a change not merely of your SELF but more so questioning whether your brain changes who you are or whether “you” the “I” the “me” i.e. the soul changes your brain.

The self is not just in the brain it is all over. You, your family, your sweater your friends and even what they think of you. That is all your identity. Not just your mind or soul. And that is what governs psychology.

What a day!

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