Things shared between individuals-poetry

May 1, 2013, 5:46 PM |

It seems obvious there are similar attributes,

A peculiar charisma differing from others,

A bold first impression and character that is either attracting or disturbing, depending on the audience.

But they are not each other’s crowd.

Behind the curtain there is the un-staged, the unpracticed and misunderstood,

They are not sitting in one another’s’ auditorium.


Instead they share a world, dependent on each other with nothing but their own lives to bother,

They’ll run across sometime and won’t even notice a poet once wondered…


Since rules are placed in any situation, I wonder what laws are to be established between the two, which rules will be bent and what will innately be law by nature.

Since roles are taken in any situation, I wonder where a leader will be the virtue; a follower would fit much better, where being observant may profit their assumptions and where being judgmental might be another opportunity to learn.


With the tuning of the earth, everything seems to find its place, a rock is solid and water is liquid by interpretation. Oil and water do not mix, mass is held down by gravity…and so forth from the perceptions of our minds.


To me, it is a simple attraction changing in time through time as a person does individually and consistently.


Since it seems that effortlessly everything falls into place by its nature when nature is followed more than will, each should find their nature, understand their nature, and become parallel natures to be.

Understanding that is another journey few experience, I’m sure they’ll share their understandings as love naturally questions compatibility everlasting.