Thinking without words.


Humans are known to be “tool makers”. All we inquire, desire or create is a tool for a certain product or gain. I understand that is a strong claim, it is also one that is undeniable.

Language in particular is a complex tool. Whether it was developed accidentally or in accordance with our environment and our intent to communicate with our surroundings will not be my argument.

Simply stated, we think without words and this claim will be the main premise of these proceeding paragraphs.

Thinking in general is a biochemical and electrical connection process. Now, how exactly this communication process takes place I do not know exactly. What I do know is the amount of error and mistakes our brain commits with each thought due to these millions of connections and neuronal attempts to signal one another.

This route could fit into the general understanding of language; being a social and communicative instance.

For example, think about it as being present in a social event. Everyone is uttering sounds at one time and it is only when you join a particular conversation that other sounds can be muffled. I would say joining a group would be equivalent to “concentration or focusing your attention” on a particular thought or idea.

As i mentioned earlier, I’m not going to argue whether or how language appeared into existence. Still today, it seems obvious language and thought are one but they are not.

Similar to a reaction that is not cognitive and only later does the movement signal the brain and bring the re-ACTION into awareness: a thought becomes verbal as you arrange the words you know into that which you understand to be expressing to your audience.

I challenge a counter argument or suggestion. Just expressing a thought I’d try putting into words. Enjoy.