We Speak lazily and Hastily

Nov 23, 2012, 6:49 AM |

Who hasn’t heard, “You’re young. You’ll be fine”?

One statement or one thought which may arise at this very moment; “what does that mean?”

Nothing; It actually doesn’t mean anything. It’s mostly a way for someone to exit the conversation and instead state some sort of comment implying [whatever you take from the claim] with no fundamental value behind their words providing assistance to you.

Of course, one could argue they may be developing insight within you at this moment. In turn, allowing you to reflect within your own thoughts. Further, “their intent” was planting some sort of seed with the goal of brain activity stemming within you to return with a question or rebuttal. Let’s skip the assumptions on implicit statements that confuse everyone. I am straying away from abstract communication here.

Initially, before any sounds come out of our mouth people think, right? The answer is obviously true. Still, one would have to define thinking here. I won’t go too into that. Let’s just take the general sense of thinking as a process in your brain activity at times providing your brain with some concept(s).

What’s the deal about thinking?

This: it’s a fundamental survival tactic to do the least possible while receiving the greatest amount of reward in return.

This survival tactic ties one thing together here, and that is with many words and advice of such uttered to us: many are hastily and lazily expressed and for the most part should be challenged. Especially being social beings relying on one another to survive! We are always adapting to our environment. Still, we should understand our selves, our environment and our thoughts to the best of our ability.

How you move forward on this challenge of questioning the person uttering words, thinking about the concepts, discussing your thoughts with other individuals or writing about it, just do it; whatever the case may be, be open to suggestion.

Thanks for the read.