Chess books on ebay?

FM thinkdifferent

Hi there.

I'm thinking about selling some of my chess books (and believe me,I have a lot of them) on ebay.Do you guys think there are interested buyers?I have opened an ebay account,my nickname is chess_and_more and I think this is the link at my ebay page:

So,what books I want to sell?I have not made a complete catalogue yet,but I can try to list some of them:

Chess Encyclopedias A,B,C,D,E  (all are third edition)

Chess Informant 64,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,81,82,83,85,86,87,88

Some of the encyclopedia monographies :

Kortchnoi   Spanish C80-81  

Romanishin Byhovskij  Spanish C92-93   

Romanishin Byhovskij  Spanish C94-95  

Jussupow      Petroff C43 

Beljavsky Michalchishin Sicilian Defence B86-87  

Karpov   Volga Gambit A58-59 

Karpov   Volga Gambit A57 

Some New in Chess Yearbooks

John Nunn books :

Nunn   Najdorf for the Tournament Player

Nunn   Complete Najdor:  6Ag5

Nunn & Gallagher Beating the Sicilian 3


Dorfman The Method in Chess

Sveshnikov  Sveshnikov's System

and many many more,mostly on openings but also some basic books and some middlegame ones  (but some of them in Italian).

I never sold anything on ebay,and I don't know yet what's the better format to sell chess books (auction,fixed price,one book at time or a purchase many at once offer).Any feedback?