Looking for English conversation partners

FM thinkdifferent
Dec 19, 2008, 3:59 AM |

Hi to all,

I was thinking I need to improve my English.

Reading and writing is quite ok.

My main problem is speaking,which is not surprising since I lived all my life in Italy.

So I thought Internet could solve my problem. I can speak with mother-tongue English people on Skype without leaving my country.

So I search for people who are:

- very fluent (better if native speaker) on English language

- owner of a fast internet connection ( "what you said?" "I didn't receive anything" and astronomical lag make a conversation an ordeal for both speakers) and of Skype

We can talk about chess (and I can teach you one or two things) and about other things as well.

It could be a win-win: you learn a bit of chess and I better my english.

Of course I did not intend to give really structured chess lessons for two reasons:

1) it's quite tiring and I don't do it for free

2) if I talk only about chess I learn only a subset,chess-related, of the English language.


So, what do you think?