Efficiency in putting away games...and puzzles!

Apr 15, 2017, 11:02 AM |

Good afternoon everyone!

After analyzing the games that I played at my local chess club today, I decided to post one that I thought provided some good opportunities for me to work on my visualization of mating nets. Throughout the game, there were 6 different moments where I either missed a mate, or missed a quicker way to mate my opponent. Since we all like tactics puzzles, let's try a few!

Here is the full game, which ended up being an easy win for me. Note the two places where I could have won more quickly (noted as puzzles 1 and 2):

Here's the first puzzle. White just played d4-d5, find the quickest way to win for Black:

Here's the second puzzle. White just played d5-d6, find the quickest win for Black:

I hope you enjoyed these puzzles! Thanks for reading, and Happy Easter!