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The Daily SitzFleisch
I’ll bite your legs off!

The Daily SitzFleisch

Oct 11, 2017, 7:04 AM 5

Over the board, carrying on in a hopeless position makes a little bit of sense, since blunders occur in time trouble, like touch-move mistakes and accidental stalemates, but in Daily Format there comes a time to resign.  This is especially true in Daily tournaments, where the refusal to face defeat can force dozens of people to wait weeks on your intransigence.  OTB, the clock keeps the rest of the players from suffering from your bad sportsmanship, but in Daily format everyone in the match or tournament is impacted.

It seems to me that the Daily format should reflect the spirit of postal chess, where you could feel free to take 3 days on a hard move, but you also tried to reply as soon as possible, to prevent games from dragging on unnecessarily.  I frequently encounter exactly the opposite in Daily games, for example this one against DreadNought, who apparently was hoping that I would die or lose my internet connection and forfeit on time.  After a hiatus of 150 years, SitzFleisch has returned to chess in a particularly malignant form, as the following game attests.



This game was part of tournament and everyone was waiting on this game and others that he was losing in similar slow-motion fashion.  I find this strategy, i.e. delaying the game until something bad happens to one's opponent half-way around the world, to be ghoulish, feeding one's rating on the flesh of another's misfortune.  In a Let's Play! game, it would merely demonstrate bad sportsmanship, but in a tournament or match it is selfish and inconsiderate to the rest of the field that has to wait unnecessarily for the next round to start. 


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