Feb 15, 2014, 7:37 PM |

please read this link before signing up here. You have until March 31st to choose a team!!!

here are the teams that have not been taken.

it is a first come first serve basis. just say what team you what And I will update the blog.

you will also recieve a invite to the chess bowl group. please accept it

New England Patriots taken by  Luidefunes

New York Jets taken by Glatius

Miami Dolphins 

Buffalo Bills

Cincinnatti Bengals taken by JoeHempel1 

Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore Ravens taken by wiimac

Cleveland Browns taken by JustPlaying101

Indianapolis Colts taken by haleys

Tennesee Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars taken by jerrysued

Houston Texans

Denver Broncos taken by NightFactory

Kansas City Chiefs taken by Mrchessguy309

San Diego Chargers

Oakland Raiders taken by bluemoonkasparov

Philidelphia Eagles taken by JuniorMinecraftian

Dallas Cowboys taken by DeadlyViperAttack

New York Giants taken by oneawesomeperson123

Washington Redskins taken by yugiohstar1

Green Bay Packers taken by thymaster if you want this team ASK!

Chicago Bears 

Detriot Lions taken by cmtavernier

Minnesota Vikings

Carolina Panthers taken by Chess_Local

New Orleans Saints taken by chessdex

Atlanta Falcons taken by galaxychess123

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Seattle Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers taken by Matthew_Alexander

Arizonia Cardinals taken by striker153

St. Louis Rams