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lossing & Wining

lossing & Wining

May 29, 2011, 10:58 AM 19

If you have played chess for as long as I have you will know that losing is not bad, sometime losing is good for you, if you win all the time how are you learning, you have to loss sometime to learn how to win. That is how I started to win yes I still loss but its ok i learn from that. yes it is ok to win I not saying don't win, but losing help and now I am a grate chess player. you don't have to be 1ST you can be 2Nd or 3Th and that is ok. sometime 1ST is not 1ST that just mean that you are good but are you real good thank abut it. thanking that you are the best wen you play is real bad that just mean that you are going to loss wen you play a game, so don't thank you are going to win but thank that it cud be a draw are that you cud even loss and that is ok. and sometime you cud win and its ok to be 1st but thank you the best.Losing is the best for you. I hope that you get something out of this like I have :b

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