Defending a skewer

Dec 17, 2011, 4:49 AM |

I'm going to share with you today a few moves from a game a played recently versus TebOmega 15 in a live game. I eventually won the game. But that didn't stop me making some blunders along the way. Try the puzzle below and see if you can spot the tactic I missed. Last move was Ba6.



Black played a move known as a skewer. He was attacking my queen, but I was obviously going to move that to safety. But when I removed my queen it unveilled a Rook underneath. I didn't notice this attack at all. 

Lesson:  Always look for what your opponents move could be afterwards. Does your move make any of your other pieces unsafe?

There are a number of ways to escape a skewer:

  1. Take the attacking piece: I couldn't do that in the example because the Queen was protecting it and there were no other pieces attacking the Bishop.
  2. Counter attack: If I attacked one of his pieces that was worth more, he would have to deal with that first. Again that wasn't possible here.
  3. Putting another piece in the way: In this example the pawn blocks the skewer. Even if we lost the pawn, we'd be much happier to lose that than a Rook!

Let me know how you got on in the puzzle, and I'll show you more from the game (including how I somehow turned it around!) later. Also if you have any other ways of escaping a skewer, or have examples yourself, let us know!