About Someone Cares Ministry

About Someone Cares Ministry

Apr 12, 2012, 6:17 AM |



Our Mission


Feeding the hungry, helping to encourage the lonely and broken hearted, visiting and comforting the sick and suffering, and providing inspiration and support to the Lord’s sheep in confinement.


Our Purpose


Our purpose is to reach out to the needy. Build relationships in the community. And help establish outreach programs and supportive services for the economically and social disadvantaged.


 Our Services


Graphic Designs, e-Commerce Strategies, Self-Promotional Empowerment  (Self-Help), smartphone and electronic provider, and community outreach (peer support).


Our vision


Our vision is to build broken down communities. Our vision is to provide outreach assistance to returning citizens from prison to the community. Our vision is to provide housing, food, mentoring, and, spiritual guidance. Our vision is to also provide basic personal necessities to help people in society.


     We carry a full line of e-Bibles


Tim Gillam



 View our line of Bibles: www.inspirationalspecialist.blogspot.com