A Bard's Tale

Mar 26, 2012, 6:02 PM |

Okay, I did think of some other titles for this blog but circumstance prevents even me from divulging further on that!

We were away to Stratford where a certain William Shakespeare (a.k.a The Bard) once lived. I am not pretending my blog posts are in the same league as Billy Shakes but then I'm not looking to become rich and/or famous from them either. So there.

Back to the match. Another really important one for Daventry A team. A chance to get back to the top of the league after Solihull managed to lose two on the spin to really mix things up.

Here's the scorecard:

 Stratford B Daventry A
1 Bennett, Philip (144) 0.5 - 0.5 Lawson, Timothy (155)
2 Henderson, Steve (123) 0 - 1 Foulds, Andrew (144)
3 Eastgate, Brian (121) 0 - 1 Stevens, Robert (125)
4 Stiff, Peter (115) 0 - 1 Bowman, Kevin (129)
    0.5 - 3.5  
Match played on 22 Mar 2012.

And another fantastic performance! Okay, on the face of it, we outrated out opponents (quite rare in this division) but the job still had to be done.

With Rob Stevens managing to get a win, the pressure was off somewhat in respect of my game where both me and my opponent were in time trouble.

I was offered a draw earlier in the game but seeing how Andy and Kevin were both level (ish) positionally but both down on time, I had to stick in there. More to the point, I felt I had a better position anyway and it's not like me to take a draw if that is the case except under certain conditions. Always thinking of the team and the overall result, I decided to play on but planned not to overstretch my position, rather to try and keep a bit of pressure on my opponent.

I'm not wholly convinced it worked but you can judge for yourselves, the game is below (just scroll down or read the rest of the blog first!).

This result could be huge in terms of our season as we are now back to the top of the league with just three matches left to play. We also have the small matter of a cup final in April as well.

The season has gone really well for us so far and it's fantastic to be involved in two major competitions where we have a chance of winning some silverware!

I will keep you posted as to our progress (and will try not to leave it so long before publishing the next blog!).