Away V Solihull A

Sep 19, 2012, 4:33 PM |

Shocking result - at one point in every game, we ALL stood better! Unfortunately we are licking our wounds on this one.

Alan Eley was a pawn up and looked okay but fell quickly to a tactical motif which would not be out of place on the tactics trainer on!

I lost next after a good opening where my opponent had nothing. I just thought perhaps this would deteriorate into a draw but instead of playing easy drawish moves, I felt I was a bit better and completely overlooked a continuation and then failed to assess the position correctly afterwards so this was not a good game for me at all.

Andy Foulds had the better position on board 1 with the white pieces and again, fell into a tactical trap. From what I can gather, he got a move order slightly wrong and should have been material up.

The last game to finish was Kevin on board 3 and he despatched his opponent quite nicely despite being very short on time.

Well done to Kev and shame on the rest of us, we'll need to improve because this was a match, judging on the grades of our opponents, that we should not have lost.

Here's the scorecard and buried at the bottom of the blog, you'll find my game.....

 Solihull A Daventry A
1 Carpenter, Raymond (172) 1 - 0 Foulds, Andrew (149)
2 Stokes, Geoffrey N (142) 1 - 0 Lawson, Timothy (144)
3 Brodie, Iain (137) 0 - 1 Bowman, Kevin (144)
4 Byrne, Nigel ( ) 1 - 0 Eley, Alan (127)
    3 - 1