Daventry Chess Club

Jun 10, 2012, 7:49 AM |

Daventry Chess Club - we're not exactly one of the biggest clubs but we are trying to raise our profile within the online community and also within the real world! Our current membership is around 12.

What surprised me, when having a chat with our club secretary last week, was that the membership of our club used to be around 30 (or more!). What happened?

Well, the reasons are not too important and usually revolved around personal/work circumstances. There was no "valentines day massacre". No one did a "Jack Torrance" and there was, as far as I am aware, absolutley no experimental virus that turned members into flesh eating zombies.

Daventry has prided itself on being a friendly club and hopefully, a friendly club it shall remain, regardless of the membership!

I have taken an active role in trying to find ways to boost our membership and one way is through the most excellent chess.com community!

So, I know that my blog posts get read and very occasionally, someone will leave a comment (which is nice!).

Today, I have created a new group on chess.com called simply: Daventry Chess Club

This new group is open to ANYONE and I really hope you all take a few minutes to sign up (come on, it's a mouse click - who can't do that!!). The idea is that our small club takes on "global recognition". Who knows - maybe as a result of this, the club might even take on a few real life members as well. That would be "most excellent" and completely "non bogus"!

So, dudes, dudettes around the world, whether you are the blonde haired surfer type with washboard abs or a bourbon soaked, psychopathic nut job (I claim to be neither of these, honest!) Daventry Chess Club welcome you!

View the group here:


Real World: www.daventrychessclub.co.uk