Last game; the fifth of five!

Nov 16, 2011, 4:34 PM |

Well, I can't say I smothered myself in glory tonight despite winning. This was a game played with carelessness. I was only lucky enough that my opponent didn't find the right continuation after my sixth move in the opening and I did not deserve to win this.

But.... I DID win it and I am HAPPY to take the full POINT regardless!!!! Is this selfish, arrogant, or whatever? No, I don't think it is. Rod is a strong player and has been having a tough time this season as he has been playing in Division 1 as well as Division 2. He decided to try something different in the opening and didn't really get his pieces co-ordinated very well. Then came a blunder.

What can I say? We all work hard during the day and then we go out and play chess in the evening. No excuses from me though - I played badly and won. I've played a lot better and lost/drawn (see my previous 4-5 games as published here for evidence of that!).

I am still determined to learn from this game though and will be telling myself to concentrate better in my next match.

Our team won 3.5 - 0.5 with Andy winning on board two, Rob drawing on board 3 and Kevin winning on board 4.

I was completely out of sorts having a look at Andy's game afterwards and was missing things left right and centre. I then asked Kevin how he'd managed to win being a piece down in his game. Turns out he wasn't a piece down at all... I just couldn't add up his minor pieces correctly. Little surprise my game was riddled with errors if I couldn't count to four! Oh well, I stumbled over the finish line and am very pleased with myself and even more pleased for the team since Kenilworth were (maybe still are) top of division 2.....

Here's the game with a few short notes and some fritz suggestions.... don't laugh too hard!