League Update

Nov 13, 2012, 5:12 PM |

Okay folks, I've been away working on some personal and business development but I have still been playing some chess. Personally, it's been quite good for me so far this season although another poor start to the Four Nations for me.

At Daventry, we have welcomed on board Candidate Master, Chris Ross. Chris is what I would call a "useful" player and rated 2260 ELO. He's our new board one and has now played twice and he's won twice!

As a result of Chris coming on board, this has pushed the rest of us down a board and that in itself is taking a lot of the pressure off. This culminated in a narrow 2.5 - 1.5 defeat against Kenilworth a fortnight ago where yours truly was the villain of the piece, throwing a clear win away (albeit in time trouble - the win was there and I should have bought it home). Had I won instead of drawn, we would have drawn that match.

Here's the game - a reasonable effort but I really should have done better in the ending.


Onto the Four Nations weekend and I am once again playing again for the mighty Banbury Bulldogs.

Wokefield Park, near Reading, was the venue for the first weekend and the playing conditions, as with all 4NCL weekends, were excellent.

We are determined to do even better than last season! This was been helped by our draw at the start....

Round 1 saw us against Brown Jack. Looking at the grades of our opponents, it was more like Brown Trousers time to be fair. Heavily outgraded, easily outplayed, the only plus side was allowing myself the opportunity of a beer in the bar after a nice early finish! I was actually okay out of the opening but unfortunately blundered. So did the rest of the team - we lost 6 - 0!


Brown Jack 2169   Banbury Bulldogs 1810
321 w Mordue, A Tyson f 2256 1 - 0 Jackson, Gary C   1896
322 b Richmond, Peter A   2237 1 - 0 Evans, Chris John   1867
323 w Truran, Michael C   2183 1 - 0 Martin, Nick J   1802 c
324 b Headlong, Timothy c 2163 1 - 0 Lawson, Timothy D   1802 c
325 w Rabbitt, Michael   2084 1 - 0 Poderico, Francesco   1684
326 b Richmond, Jane wf 2095 1 - d default   None e
  6 - -½  

My game was somewhat embarassing - I decided to resign on move 17 (with white!)...judge for yourselves...

Round 2 saw us paired with a team from Wales. We felt we should get something out of this as our average grade was considerably higher than our opponents'. However, after the beating we took on the Saturday, morale was considerably dented. Not to mention that we were playing a bunch of youngsters who are clearly better than their ratings would suggest. Don't you just hate that!?

The team went down 3.5 - 2.5 and I ignored my captains pleas to play on for a win as I was in a drawn position. Again, judge for yourselves - not the best game I have ever played but kudos to my young opponent who used his time and didn't panic.

Here is the scorecard:

Banbury Bulldogs 1902   Rhyfelwyr Essyllwg 2 1790
411 w Vikanis, Georgs * 2056 0 - 1 Staniforth, Matthew   1999
412 b Portman, Carl   1994 c 1 - 0 Bullen, Alex   1821
413 w Jackson, Gary C   1896 0 - 1 Kostanjsek, Luke   1884
414 b Evans, Chris John   1867 0 - 1 Wills, Alex   1740
415 w Martin, Nick J   1802 c 1 - 0 Steele, Rhys   1626 e
416 b Lawson, Timothy D   1802 c ½ - ½ Varma, Varun   1674 e
  2½ - 3½  

And finally, tonights' game. Back to the Leamington League for this one and finally some good news!

We won our first match of the season! 3.5 - 0.5.

Everyone was quite simply brilliant. Apart from me and that was because my opponent, Ben Graff, by his own admission, is not the most adventurous player and wasn't in the mood to let us have a whitewash!

Leamington A Daventry A
1 Aldridge, Dan (185) 0 - 1 Ross, Chris (196)
2 Olaleye, Oladejo (163) 0 - 1 Foulds, Andrew (149)
3 Burnell, Steve (154) 0 - 1 Bowman, Kevin (144)
4 Graff, Ben (143) 0.5 - 0.5 Lawson, Timothy (144)
    0.5 - 3.5  
Match played on 13 Nov 2012.

My game, for what it's worth (not much, just ask Ben!!!)....

Looking back, this was the 99th "competitive" game I have played since coming back into chess and my record stands:

P 99, W 42 D 33 L 24 (48 with white and 51 with black)

My 100th game will be against our rivals Banbury in a cup match - watch out for the next exciting installment!

All the best!