Our Juniors Continue to Thrive

Feb 6, 2013, 4:40 AM |

I had the pleasure (misfortune?!) of being available last Saturday to assist with our juniors at the county championships.

As ever, the kids behaviour was immaculate, with only four fire extinguishers being set off (just kidding!).

We had a good turnout with some excellent results including one county champ, two runners up and a "best girl". Special mention to all the kids who were too old for the under 11's as they all get bumped into the under 18's and are competing against some seriously strong players. We still managed respectable scores with 4 out of 7 of them finishing on 50% or above over the six rounds.

All in all, a tiring day due to having to actually analyse some games and give pep talks where required but as always, well worth it!

Last night (while I was playing for Daventry) some of our kids also took on a local school the results were excellent for us and hopefully will unearth some promising players (who were all debutants) for Kingsley Primary School as they are all new to chess. Inevitably, the experience of our juniors told but as you will see in the reports on the NJCC website (http://www.northamptonjuniorchessclub.org.uk/) there were some close fought affairs.

So, well done to the kids (again!).