Simple Scotch

Oct 15, 2014, 4:00 PM |

A low turnout at Daventry tonight - just the four of us. Having already played some of the quickplay tourney games against Andy a couple of weeks ago, I played two of the other club members and won four games out of four pretty convincingly (which I was very pleased with!).

All in all a productive night for me and both Andy and I spent a while afterwards looking at variations in the scotch and scotch gambit.

I've played the scotch quite a lot in the past and I have always thought it to be an enterprising, yet solid, opening for white.

I do need to refresh my memory regarding this opening and there is no better place to do this than in a club quickplay!

Here is the game I played using the mighty Scotch.

As you can see, chess can be quite simple at times. My opponent kind of beat himself by swapping Knights in the centre very early on and then playing the horrible move c6 which I rightly questioned in my notes on this game. There are far better ways for black to play against the Scotch and it looks like Alan at least needs to go back and find a line that he is comfortable with. Lucky me, I moved on to 9/9 in the quickplay. All I need to do is keep avoiding the stronger players!

Next up for me is a new adventure, playing in the minor counties this coming Sunday so with a bit of luck there will be a couple of games in a new blog. Daventry also have three matches coming up over the next two weeks. I've not even checked the Northampton Chessmates fixture list but it looks like the matches are coming thick and fast.

Until next time.....