Sometimes I hate chess!!

Feb 21, 2012, 10:21 AM |

It's taken me over a week to report on this game - a loss in the Silver King League. The disappointing thing was that I knew I needed to play f6 at some stage before launching a kingside attack. Instead, I allowed my opponent in and even then, played some really helpful moves to gradually allow him to improve his position.

Despite what I felt was some "stout" defense, this has to be one of the poorer games I have played all season (yes, it's THAT bad!!). There is no analysis with this one as I am still sulking! I will be doing some analysis on this when time permits though - make no mistake!

Nick is a strong player but looking at this game with him afterwards, he had missed quite a lot and was a bit too worried about my threats. Nevertheless, he stuck to his task really well and played some accurate moves to win the game towards the end.

I thought I might have wriggled out of this but ended up blundering badly during the ending, thinking my position was actually better than it was!

The team managed to come away with a win despite this loss: