Two games in two nights and two wins!

Oct 4, 2011, 3:02 PM |

Firstly, a game which I feel was pretty well strewn with inaccuracies (from both sides!) until a bad blunder. Then there were probably some more inaccuracies (from both sides!). My first long game since the last one I blogged so perhaps my concentration wasn't there. This was my opponents' first game of the season and he was clearly a little ring rusty too!


This next game also includes some inaccuracies plus one blunder by yours truly but luckily my opponent didn't cash in and I was eventually able to make an extra pawn count.

I think this game was an improvement on the first one published in this blog and it seemed to follow a lot of known theory up to move 12 or so. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the c4 Sicilian (I think this is a Maroczy bind or something)... I just felt like playing something different since the last few dragon's I've faced I've ended up in difficulties to say the least! This variation seemed to suit me a little better.

And before you all get carried away, I'm almost certainly going to be publishing less wins and more losses (thought I'm going to do my best to prevent that of course!).