How to install ChessBase Reader (freeware) in Mac OS

Sep 29, 2016, 1:54 AM |

I have just upgraded Mac to macOS Sierra and all this is still working.

1. You will need brew - download it at

2. Follow the step by step instruction at to install wine

3. Download ChessBase Reader (freeware) from

4. Run the .msi file with "wine msiexec Setup.msi" command

5. Run ChessBase right after installation or run it from the folder where you installed it, for example, as following:

timothyha@iMac:~/.wine/drive_c$wine ~/.wine/drive_c/ChessBase/CBaseReader12/CBReader12.exe

6. David Baumgold in the manual above also gives some tips on how to set up a Dock icon for your Windows program.


Well, now I can read ChessBase files in Mac OS!