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Chess Opening Errors and Traps, Part 1

Chess Opening Errors and Traps, Part 1

Dec 4, 2011, 10:06 AM 1

Hello, and welcome to my series on chess opening errors and traps. The opening is arguably the most important part of the game and one or two errors in the opening can cost you the whole game. In this series, I will show some opening errors and traps so you can avoid them if they come your way.



Trap 1: Scholar's Mate

Scholar's mate is one of the quickest ways to win a game. It only takes 4 moves!




Trap 2: F is for Failure

In the Queen's Gambit, 2... c6 is okay (Slav Defence). However, in the King's Gambit 2...f6 is not so good. Here's why.

I played this game on live chess but I can't find it in my archives.


So, if you have any opening traps you'd like to share, post them in the comments! I will mention you if your trap makes it into another part of this series!




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