My Goals

Here are my chess goals by the end of this year (2013):

1. Be a 1600+ rated chess player in online chess.

2. Be a 1400+ rated chess player in blitz and standard chess.

3. Play and memorize at least 5 openings for white and black.

4. Play a game against a real chess master.

5. Play in a chess club regurarly. 

6. Have fun and be the best of myself.

Those were some of my goals. Are these chess goals too small or should I go big? What are your chess goals by the end of the year? Thanks :)


  • 3 years ago


    What a good goals to accomplish!

    Your fifth goal should be the easiest to realize, because you can just become a member of a club. The sixth is the most important one imo, because it is your life. :-)

    I will have that sixth one too as a chess goal. Good one.

    I can imagine that you would like to have that fourth goal. Maybe can you start a thread with that subject.


    My chess goals are:

    1. to learn from my previous games,

        a. follow the openings I had played before, so I get to know those positions better,

        b. look sometimes at positions again, now knowing how it went wrong, to learn what I should have done and why.

    2. focus on three openings for black, namely the BenOni, the Aljechin and the Sicilian,

    I like the Benoni very much. It is a very sharp opening, but I have to be better prepared then I am now.

    The Aljechin is a real challenge to play and I still have to find out what type of game the Aljechin really is.

    I don't understand the Sicilian. It is very difficult for me to know what is going on in those positions. I have to learn more patterns.

    3. focus on e4 for white, more in particular the Sicilian, because that is the answer I get most,

    4. learn more to understand why a move is made.

  • 3 years ago


    I think that setting goals and sharing them with others is what will get you half way to acheiving them. I sure hope you are as successful getting the other half of the way as you were acheiving the first half.

  • 3 years ago


    Cool Goodluck.

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