Scholastic Chess Adventures Part 1

Dec 24, 2012, 7:51 AM |

I am starting a blog which will focus on interesting games and positions played by scholastic players.  The material is from play in the classroom and tournaments. 

The first game is between two kindergartener's, one of which unleashes a vicious knight move to trap the Queen!

The second game, involves a quick loss of material and mate!  Black's knight boldly crosses the equator of the board only to be pushed around.  He then exposes the King to a swift blitzkrieg.

The third game, was a rated tournament game.  Black places his bishop close to enemy pawns and has to lose precious time retreating.  White dominates the center and easily takes advantage of Black's wasting time. White finds a strong bishop attack followed by a crushing pin.


In fourth and final game for this installation, Black strikes back.  A practice game between two creative and promising young tournament players.  Playing black, a female player who is always hungry to attack finds a pleasant surprise near the King.