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GM Magnus Carlsen Breaks GM G.Kasparov's Record

GM Magnus Carlsen Breaks GM G.Kasparov's Record

Dec 11, 2012, 8:02 PM 6

Carlsen Breaks Kasparov's Rating Record



As every Russian schoolboy knows, 2851 is a very important number in the world of chess. It's the peak rating of Garry Kasparov, and the highest rating that FIDE has ever assigned to a chess player.
But all that's about to change! Magnus Carlsen's fine performance at the 2012 London Classic has positively ensured that he will be surpassing Kasparov's record. According to our friends at 2700chess.com, Carlsen's live rating is currently 2862, and will shift on Monday when he plays the white pieces against Anand in the final round of the London Classic.
As with any game of chess, there are only three possible outcomes. Carlsen's rating will be:
  • 2866 if Carlsen beats Anand on Monday (1-0)
  • 2861 if Carlsen draws Anand on Monday (1/2-1/2)
  • 2856 if Carlsen loses to Anand on Monday (0-1)
FIDE publishes ratings on the first of each month, but since Carlsen is not scheduled to play any more rated games this month, his rating is as good as official. Even if Carlsen loses in the last round, he'll still top Kasparov's record by a full 5 points. (If he draws he'll top it by 10 points, and if he manages to win then he'll break the record by 15.) You can watch history unfold in real time by stopping by our Live Game Broadcast Page at 7:00am USA/Eastern (12:00 London time). Everybody is invited to participate in this auspicious occasion.
It is certain that Magnus Carlsen has proven himself worthy of the label "World #1" and we at Chessgames congratulate him for achieving this milestone. His name will be mentioned for all time in the annals of chess history alongside Fischer and Kasparov.

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